‘A down to earth’ private practice that has provided relationship/marriage counselling, individual counselling and family therapy to the Geelong community and surrounds since 1991.

Relationship/Marriage Counselling

We want our relationships to work. Most people are hoping for a relationship of love, respect, intimacy, friendship, commitment, newness, longevity and purpose. BUT, partners don’t come with an instruction manual and unfortunately our relationships can often turn into war zones of resentment, anger, loneliness and confusion. You need to know how to get it right for you and your partner.

Together we can tackle challenges such as:

• Breakdown in communication
• Resolving conflict
• Negotiating changing roles and responsibilities at all stages of life
• Reconnecting and repairing daily
• Recovering from infidelity
• Keeping the spark and sense of newness alive
• Loving through illness/disability and trauma events
• Managing the in-laws
• Children or no children

We help you gain:

• Clarity with what you both need
• A Healthy and strong relationship
• The power to change destructive patterns
• Strategies and communication tools that work
• New understanding of how your relationship can thrive