‘A down to earth’ private practice that has provided relationship/marriage counselling, individual counselling and family therapy to the Geelong community and surrounds since 1991.

Individual Counselling

The question is:

How to remain whole in the midst of life’s challenges
How to remain balanced when events pull us off centre
How to remain strong when difficulties crash into our lives

There are times in life when you don’t get to choose or control what happens to you. At Connections, we provide counselling to support you with personal challenges such as:

• Stress, anxiety, depression
• Handling anger/strong emotions
• Managing destructive inner thoughts/dialogue
• Family and relationship difficulties
• Grief and loss
• Work/career and life balance
• Injury, illness and disability
• Traumatic events
• Sexuality

Our aim is to:

• Help you gain clarity and perspective
• Impart therapeutic strategies that can relieve the ‘stuckness’
• Assist with identifying healthy choices and positive actions
• Fully acknowledge the pain and difficulties you face
• Support you to find the strength to accept the things you cannot change