‘A down to earth’ private practice that has provided relationship/marriage counselling, individual counselling and family therapy to the Geelong community and surrounds since 1991.

Family Therapy

There is no doubt about it – family life is complicated! Families can become tangled in conflict, resentment and silence. Family therapy can help with many family challenges, such as:

• Parenting solutions
• Assisting children/young people have a voice in family matters
• Resolving conflict between family members
• Foster and adoptive family issues
• Separation/divorce for parents and children
• Becoming a blended family
• Grief
• Stages of life: adolescence, children leaving home, retirement
• Unexpected events: living together with illness/disability, trauma, death

Family Therapy does not always mean that the whole family comes to all sessions. Sometimes it might be just the parents, or just the children, other times it may be various combinations or indeed it might be the whole family. As trained family therapists we will talk with you about who would be the most appropriate to come for each session

Our Aim Is To:

• Assist family members each have a voice and share their views and experiences
• Assist family members slow down and listen to each other’s perspective
• Enhance empathy – thinking about ‘being in someone else’s shoes’
• Provide strategies and tasks that improve family cohesion
• Assist families find their own way to better functioning